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Plant Disease

Using synthetics and chemicals to manage plants or crops will cause higher risk of pests and diseases.



Using synthetics and chemicals decreases microbe activity in the soil and reduces root system effectiveness..

Nitrogen loss

Nitrogen Loss

Use of Synthetic Nitrogen without proper soil biology causes loss of volatile N2O.

Soil Carpbon loss

Soil Carbon Loss

Losing soil carbon in the form of CH4 and CO2 causes Green House Gas emissions which results in warming and economic loss on huge scales.

Water Degradation

Water Degradation

The use of synthetic fertilizers causes the breakdown of water quality downstream through runoff and the overall leaching of nutrients.

What we do for you

A female hand in a glove and a scoop scatters the ashes in the garden before planting potatoes. The process of fertilizing the soil before growing potatoes

Blue Ridge Minerals

Supplying Basalt Blended Crop and Soil Enhancement Products for the Hobby Farmer or Home Garden. Our products will help increase plant product, color and taste in most uses.


Basalt Blends

Our products can be used for applications from Medium to Large Scale Farming.


Ease of Application

Simply spread the basalt blend on fields, gardens or lawns and natures process will do the rest.

Climate Mitigation

Carbon Capture

Is a process or processes that removes, captures or enables the sequestration of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. This in theory will slow or possibly reverse Co2 pollution caused by 100 years of the Industrial Revolution and our current way of life.

Enhanced Weathering

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